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Metal Roof

Asphalt Shingles or Metal Roof?
Answer is Simple. Metal roof will cost much less - YES, provides protection unlike asphalt shingles, increases value of the house, decreases house insurane, is flame resistant, decreases cooling and heating bills, eliminates mold and compares to asphalt shingles like basic car to ferrari. read more...

House addition is a smart alternative for people considering a new larger house. You can add extra living space like an extra bedrooms, kitchen, office, garage, workshop etc.
New addition is actually cheaper than moving to a larger house. Only the real estate brokerage fee may cover costs of the addition in many cases. Other expenses like moving costs and time, life changing hassle like new schools and so on, transfer taxes, new house rearrangement, hidden issues repairs and most of all new mortgage for the new house price difference, which maybe huge considering today’s prices.
Another benefit of adding an extra footage is increased resale value of your house.


Renovations Commercial & Residential

Infinity Renovations

Retractable Roller Door Screen

Retractable Roller Door Screen is a great solution for areas where standard screens can't be installed, like storm doors or sliding frames.
Other benefits are:
 - No open frame flying on the wind
 - Protected from dust, dirt, when not in use
 - Can be hidden and protected from pet's damage
 - Can be open permanenly not to obstruct traffic
 - Doesnt obstruct view through the mesh

According to many opinions standard screens will be replaced up tu 80% with retractable screens within few next years.
The main issue is that many home owners are not even aware of such an option. More info...

Mohawk Industries 14473 Red Canyon Porcelain Floor Tile - 20 Inch X 20 Inch (13.
Mohawk Industries, 14473, Floor Tile, Mesa Del Sol, Tile, Red Canyon Surface Characteristics: Pei Rating 4 - Pei Rating 4 Tiles Are Suitable For All Residential Applications For Moderate To Heavy Traffic, And For Light To Medium Commercial Traffic Areas As Well - Tile Structure: Porcelain Tile - Made Of Dense Clay, Porcelain Tiles Have Several Advantages Over Ceramic Tile, Including: Greater Durability, Higher Resistance To Staining, And Typically Being Easier To Clean - Tile Dimensions: 20" In

Beautiful, lightweight faux ceiling beams

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Wooden Entrance Stairs
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Simple Entrance Stairs
Entrance stairs

Deck construction
Build your deck with Contractor-Box

Walmart Canada

House framing

Advance Accounting Dorota Kaczmarczyk, Accounting and Bookkeeping for businesses all year around, Payroll, WSIB, Income Tax, GST & PST, Financial Statements, Tax Planning
   - Accounting and Bookkeeping
     for businesses all year around
   - Payroll, WSIB
   - Income Tax, GST & PST
   - Financial Statements
   - Tax Planning
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House Framing

Tractor Supply Company

Residential Stairs Construction
How to build your stairs

Most common services
provided through

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- Project Cost Reduction
  25 to 50%
- Project
- Information Management
- 3D Drafting and Design
- Graphic Design

- Exterior and Interior Design
- Consulting

Basement waterproofing
How to Waterproof
your Basement
How to get rid of water or moisture in the basement permanently?
1. Inspecting water flaw and level

First step always should be to determine water flow direction, depth, and intensity around the house. It could be achieved inexpensive way by digging or boring number of holes around the house and inspecting the level of water in each hole for a certain period of time.

Results will vary from house to house as there are no two similar situations when it comes to a liquid flow.....
read more. Inc

Steves Blinds and Wallpaper 

Residential Stairs Construction

Dyson Canada Limited
Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

DeWALT® 3/8 in. VSR Pistol Grip Drill with Keyless Chuck

Burpee Gardening
Shop for Organic
Gardening Supplies

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Kitchen Cabinets

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Harbor Freight Tools
Harbor Freight Tools Portable Generators & Gas Engines

IdealTech CADD Services

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