Create a lot of space with extension of loft conversions York

When you buy a house it is according to your own personal requirement at that time but with the passage of time, there might be additions in the family. This may require more rooms. It is not possible to demolish the whole structure of the house and reconstruct it again. The best way out is to find and create spaces within the house only. Loft conversions York is one such way through which you can make use of the space that was not noticed before. The work has to be done by the best company in order to have the project completed without any damage to the house. The loft can be converted only when the roof is strong. Before carrying out any such work make sure that the roofing repairs York companies are consulted in advance so that the structure remains in good condition even after the conversion work is over.

Many basic things are to be considered before you go for loft conversions York. The height of the loft is the most important thing to take care of. Based on that the expert builder can suggest you which type of room would be suitable for that place. As they are professionals working in this field for a long time, they can give you the best possible idea. Floors with low height can be used for storage purposes whereas loft with high heights can be converted into rooms for staying.

Every house requires repairing after a period of time and the roof of the house is constantly exposed to the harsh weather conditions, so it is extremely important to get roofing repairs York done at the earliest whenever there is slightest damage. If neglected, it can lead to hazardous or serious problems. To keep your home safe and new as ever, regular maintenance is needed. Consult an expert in this field before you go in for the roof repairing work as it needs a lot of expertise and only they would know which material would be durable.

While getting the loft conversions York done, make sure that there are windows and dormers in the loft. This will provide the room with ventilation and natural light. Dormers also provide with space during the conversion. You can get the dormers made outside and installed; this will save your time and energy. Another thing to be taken care during the conversion is the fire safety. Safeguards should be placed in order to reduce the risk.

When you get your roofing repairs York doneArticle Submission, you will see for yourself that the roof has become durable and safe for a long period of time. You can contact them and get the free estimation and consultation before you start your work. The best builder services use quality material and modern equipment in order to finish the work on time and within your specific budget.

You can safely do the loft conversions York and create spaces after doing the roofing repairs York to make it long lasting.

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Frost Forming In Attic.

Frost Forming In Attic

This year when you go up into the attic to get the Christmas decorations take a look around the attic to see if there is any frost on the roof ceiling or rafters. If there is then you have a moisture problem that should be taken care of. Moisture in the attic could lead to mold and mildew growth in the attic.

Observing frost in the attic is a sign that warm moist water is infiltrating the attic. Once the warm moist air hits the cold roof surfaces it freezes and forms the frost.

One of the leading culprits for warm moisture entering your attic is the lack of insulation or improperly installed insulation. Examine the insulation in the attic and make sure there are no openings in the insulation to allow for warm air to rise into the cold attic space. When warm moist air and cold air, come in contact with one another, condensation forms on the attic ceiling and roof rafters. When the attic air temperature falls below 32 degrees the condensation freezes on these surfaces causing frost to form.

Another area of the attic to check for the infiltration of moisture is the chimney. If your house has a chimney check to make sure there are no signs of water infiltration around it. It is best to examine the chimney after a good soaking rain storm. Examine the chimney in the attic and look for streams of water or dampness around the bricks. If there are signs of water on the chimney then you need to apply a sealant or water repellant to the outside of the chimney. 

However, you will need to wait for warm whether to apply the sealant. You may also need to re-install the flashing around the chimney. Make sure the flashing is installed properly and not damaged in any way.

Finally, one of the leading culprits for warm moisture working its way into your attic is bathroom ceiling fans. Check to make sure the bathroom ceiling fan vents and vent pipes are properly connected and that they vent to the outside of the home. On several occasions of examining attics, I have discovered bathroom ceiling fans directly exhausting to the attic. The moisture associated with those hot steamy showers is captured in the cold attic and forms frost once the outside air temperature drops.

To conclude, frost in you attic is a sign of moisture in your attic, and unrestricted moisture in the home should not be ignored. Moisture left unchecked will eventually form mold and mildew which can lead to health problems with the occupants of the home.

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Prevent Bat Home Invasions with Foam Insulation

Bat home invasions often occur via the attic. Invading bats can find their way into attics by way of the smallest of openings. They typically only need an opening about a dime’s width in diameter to crawl into your attic. 
Today I installed foam insulation along my home’s roof line, between the rake trim boards and clapboard siding. There is about a ½ to ¾ inch air gap between the two. I installed the foam insulation to prevent bats from congregating at my house and working their way into my attic. 
Over the years I would occasionally find the random bat in my home’s attic, however this year while looking up at my home’s roof during dusk, I saw about a dozen bats exit from under the rake trim boards into the night air. The following afternoon I took a garden hose and sprayed water up into the area where I saw the bats exit the home. Sure enough, about a dozen bats flew out from underneath the rake boards.
By installing the foam insulation, the same foam insulation that is used to wrap plumbing pipes, I hope to prevent the bats from setting up home at my house. I simply used a metal claw to push the insulation up in between the rake boards and the clapboard siding. It wedge in nice and tightly so I am not concerned about it working its way out.
So if you if you see signs of bats in your attic, e.g. bat guano, or observe them exiting the rake boards on your home, consider installing foam insulation tubes in any potential openings along your home’s roof line. It’s inexpensive and easy to do. Just be careful on the ladders. AlsoArticle Submission, you may want to install the foam insulation tubes shortly after sunset when the bat have exited your home. This way you want trap or squish any when installing the insulation.

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Over the past 20+ years Mark Donovan has been involved with building homes and home additions. For more DIY Home Improvement and Building information visit and his DIY Home Addition Weblog .


Loft Conversion Planning

Loft Conversion Idea

Space is becoming dearer by the day. Any extra space that you have in your house can be conveniently converted into usable area. Loft conversions York is the most common home improvement scheme that you as house owner can undertake. Any unutilized space under your roof or in the attic or basement can be designed as a bedroom, office, gym, study or any other type of room you want. Before embarking on such a project it is wise to undertake roofing repairs York. Roof being the most crucial part of the house should only be undertaken by experts.

When you decide to make purposeful utilization of your unused loft, the most important aspect is design as the entire space should be utilized optimally. Builders specializing in installation and repairs of lofts will intelligently use the available space. Easiest to undertake is roof window loft conversions York. No approval is necessary from regulatory authorities in such case and this is cost effective as reconstruction of roof is not required. The existing window becomes the source of natural light and helps in energy saving too. The most dangerous problem faced with roofs is leaking and soaking water. Reliable roofers can undertake roofing repairs York and leave you tension free.

The space carved out with roof window can double up as an extra bedroom, cosy study corner or a private area to lounge and enjoy the external view. You can opt for dormer loft conversions York that blends the window into the new design and create supplementary space for head room. Aesthetically too dormers score over other type of loft conversions. Roofing repairs York will even take care of unsecure flashings and fasteners with base plate. Strong winds, gales or storms may lead to such roofs being lifted off. They will increase wind uplift resistance of your roof.

In case you are planning to set up a new office at home to save on cost, loft conversions York can be the ideal solution. The extra space created can give you enough privacy thus giving you a peaceful ambience to conduct business. Youngsters prefer these nooks for having home parties with their friends so that the rest of the household does not get disturbed. When family size increases you don’t need to shift to a new property immediately; instead, you can plan a loft conversion. It will easily generate extra space you require. Regular roofing repairs York will take care of improper installation of tiles and clean the gutters and provide necessary solutions to resolve all roof-related issues.

There are several things that you need to pay attention to when you opt for loft conversions York. The height should be standard for any average height person. Feasibility and cost factor have to be considered before you take any decision. New joists and beams may be added to strengthen the loft structure. Fire safety measures have to be in place. You should hold safety and security of roofing repairs York in high regard and not compromise on quality of material. Engage the best builders to serviceFind Article, repair and install a roof that gives you lifelong guarantee of quality workmanship.

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Why is Moisture and Frost Forming in the Attic

On a cold winter day go up into your attic and look around. In particular take a look at the roof sheathing. If you see frost on the roof sheathing, water dripping from the sheathing and roof rafters, and/or damp attic insulation then you’ve got a serious problem that needs to be taken care of quickly. If you don’t deal with these issues promptly you’re risking a major mold and mildew problem that could lead to health issues with your family in very short order. Once mold has taken up residence in your attic it can be very expensive to remove.
The main root cause of frost forming in the attic is associated with improper or the complete lack of insulation and ventilation in the attic. The first step in resolving this type of problem is to install the proper amount of insulation in the attic floor area. Visit the Department of Energy’s website to learn what the proper insulation R-value is recommended for your attic relative to your geographical area.  
Besides installing the appropriate amount of insulation in your attic, it is also critical for it to be installed properly. When installing attic insulation it is imperative that there is a complete tight seal so that warm moist air from the living spaces below doesn’t drift upwards and into the attic. 
Besides installing batt insulation between the roof rafters I would highly recommend using expanding foam insulation around any small hole areas, e.g. where electrical wiring feeds down to the lower levels of the home. These small holes can act like chimneys if they are otherwise not sealed.
Also check carefully around vent stacks and masonry chimneys running up through the attic. Often batt insulation is not tightly placed around these areas, thus creating channels for warm moist area to work its way up from the living spaces of the home and into the attic. 
The second major issue that needs to be resolved for preventing frost forming in the attic is to ensure there is proper and adequate attic ventilation installed. To prevent condensation and frost forming in the attic the attic temperature should be as close as possible to the outside ambient air temperature. 
An attic should include both soffit vents along the roof eaves and a ridge vent near the roof peak. The ridge vent should run nearly the full length of the roof peak. If ridge vent is not used then gable vents should be installed. If your attic already has soffit and ridge vents or gable vents make sure that they are not blocked by insulation.
Another culprit for causing warm moist air to infiltrate the attic is bathroom exhaust fans. Unfortunately builders often do not properly vent them to the outside of the home. Instead they simply let the bathroom exhaust fans blow out warm moist air from the bathrooms up into the attic. As a result moisture winds up collecting on the roof sheathing, roof rafters and attic insulation. With poor ventilation inevitably this moisture provides the perfect environment for mold to grow.
So eliminate condensation and frost in your attic as soon as you detect it. First make sure you stop the conduits for moisture to enter the spaceFree Reprint Articles, and then make sure the attic is properly ventilated and insulated.

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