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The type of panel fencing that your property or business  needs depends on a number of factors, timber fence panels come in all shapes  and sizes from soft pine to hard cedar wood and what you choose depends a lot on your circumstances or situation. Are you replacing your panel fencing for yourself or to make the outside of your home look more appealing to potential buyers. For someone who is selling their home, buying quality fence panels just isn't cost effective, people buy high grade fence panels because they want them to last for many years, thus keeping overall costs down, but budget fence panel look just as attractive when they are new, these are the fence panels developers used when they build their houses and usually need replacing after one or two years, so you should do the same. Budget fencing panel's can either be purchased at your local DIY chain or garden centre or they can be ordered through a professional fencing company, I personally would choose the later as it will probably work out cheaper and your wont have to collect and install them yourself. These budget panels are not designed to last or be a good fit within your fence posts, they are usually constructed of cheap thin white pine held together with budget nails and treated - if at all - with a low grade preservative, but if it's just to sell your home why go to the extra expense. There is however one drawback and that is if your home fails to sell during the spring and summer months - when most sales go through - a single harsh winter can damage these budget panels and if there are storms some could even split of blow out altogether due to their poor fit and flimsy construction. For homeowners looking to replace their fence panels for themselves and not just to sell their home they is really only one option, premium grade fence panels. These premium grade panels are constructed of a harder, better quality timber and if purchased from the right company can last 10 years of longer, they don't however cost 10 times as much as their budget counterpart so are the most cost effective option for people looking for long lasting fencing. Premium grade panels are thicker so tend not the rattle in the wind and the chance of one of these panels blowing out during a storm is simply unheard-of. There are many so-called professional fencing companies advertising online and in the local press so how do you choose the correct one? The answer is simple, be cautious and do your research, don't just ring a phone number out of the newspaper or from a card you see in you local supermarket as you might end up with a man with a van who simply picks up your fencing from a DIY store. A professional company will have a website so do a search for local companies, for example search for fencing Liverpool if you live in or around Merseyside to get results for local fencing companies, once you find a company that seem legitimate find out whether they construct their own fencing, what timber do they use? Is their timber treated before assembly, if so with what? The result of spending that little extra time choosing the correct fence panels from the correct company can save you a lot of time and money. Article Tags: Fence Panel, Fence Panels, Premium Grade Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com ABOUT THE AUTHOR Bridge Fencing Liverpool are a certified fencing manufacturer and supplier based in Liverpool. Bridge Fencing have been part of the fencing industry in the area for over 12 years Visit us at http://www.bridgefencing.co.uk for more fencing tips and advice

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