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Use of Leveling Compounds When Installing Ceramic Floor Tile

It is important to make sure your floor is level before installing ceramic floor tile. Leveling compounds are just the ticket for smoothing out an unlevel floor.

Leveling compounds are ideal for smoothing out a subfloor surface prior to installing ceramic floor tiles. To ensure your ceramic floor tiles will not crack over time, it is critical that they be installed on a rigid and level subfloor.

Leveling compounds are cement based and are easy to apply. They will adhere well to both concrete and wood surfaces.

When preparing a floor for the installation of ceramic floor tile, additional material is typically installed over the home’s existing base subfloor. The existing subfloor is normally constructed out of concrete, 3/4th inch OSB, or plywood. Concrete, backerboard, or exterior plywood is normally added to the subfloor to increase the rigidity of the floor surface. The more level and rigid the floor, the less likelihood of the ceramic tiles cracking.

To ensure that the floor surface is level and rigid, a leveling compound may be needed, The leveling compound can be added to the floor to adjust for any dips or humps in the subfloor. Dips and humps can occur due to imperfections in the concrete slab or floor joists, or from warping in the base subfloor.

The subfloor should be clean and dust free, prior to applying a leveling compound to your subfloor. If it is not, you may get a poor bond between the leveling compound and the subfloor.

To apply leveling compounds, you can use a trowel, broad knife, and/or a length of 2”x4”.

Use the length of 2”x”4, to see how much leveling compound you will need, by running it over the surface of the subfloor to see how much of a dip or hump you have to deal with.

Note that leveling compounds set up quickly. Consequently, it is best to make up small batches at a time.

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Over the past 20+ years Mark Donovan has been involved with building homes and additions to homes. His projects have included: building a vacation home, building additions and garages on to existing homes, and finishing unfinished homes. For more DIY home remodeling and building house additions, and DIY House Repair and Maintenance information visit and

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Instalacja hardwood floor

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The Rug Seller
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| by Ben Lager | December 16, 2014
Acid stain concrete can easily cause a typical concrete flooring appear like a costly natural stone surface. It's not only cheap and affordable but also good for those who are allergic to the usual rug or carpet fabrics, it's certainly a well preferred choice these days. Yet another reason to choose acid stain concrete for homes with effective floor heating is because heating is at its best when enveloping floor styles such as the typical tile or carpeting is reduced.

The procedure of acid staining your concrete surface, although not very tough, but can be hard to attain the outcome you desire. Most people are perhaps more satisfied by employing an expert technician in this field. It really is an unsafe work for the amateur.

If you happen to be unfamiliar with stained concrete, it isn't really a regular painting job or perhaps complete coating. It relates to a chemical effect upon concrete substances. Usually it's a water-based treatment of hydrochloric acid and inorganic salts, the stain acts along with minerals and calcium hydroxide in the concrete, and the outcome of the effect is actually color. It truly does work upon new or even seasoned concrete, and is relatively long lasting when you use wax, as it does not tarnish or perhaps chip. It could additionally be used on both interior as well as exterior surfaces. Pathways, washrooms, entrances, living spaces or patios can all be well transformed with stained concrete.

Once it is completed, stained concrete appears somewhat similar to marble, however a lot more dappled and much less consistent. The concrete will mainly be natural brownish shades, along with clues of red as well as green. Anytime you go for acid stained concrete floors, really don't look forward to the stain to be consistent or perhaps that it'll get an even shade. Furthermore, prepare your living space design and color layout appropriately, as you'll receive distinct reactions from various parts of the concrete, and even a seasonedprofessional won't be able to anticipate exactly what the end result will likely be.

Floor preparation for acid stain relies on exactly what state your slab is presently. Freshly applied concretejust requires a little time for curing, about 3-4 weeks after applying - subsequently a little washing as well as scouring. Seasoned concrete is a yet another tale. Extensive washing is needed as any dust, grease, or other agent can make the stain not react as it should.If you are looking to opt for acid stained concrete floors, right now is the time to hire an experienced professional. Visit

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Acid stain concrete can easily cause a typical concrete flooring appear like a costly natural stone surface. It's not only cheap and affordable but also good for those who are allergic to the usual rug or carpet fabrics, it's certainly a well preferred choice these days.» Read more articles by Ben Lager

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Floor Cleaning Tips

| by Felipe Bazon

With the current slow housing market, it is now even more important to keep your house clean and tidy when trying to sell.

To give you a helping hand and perhaps some well needed motivation, here are some tips to keeping your house market-friendly:

- Wash windows inside and out, after all first impressions are important. A good tip is to dry the windows with crumpled newspaper and if you can, wash the windows on a cloudy rather than sunny day, because the sun can cause it to streak.

- Clean shower, sinks and bath tubs, to remove hard water spots and scum off showers use undiluted, heated white vinegar. Put in a spray bottle, spray on and leave to soak for 15 mins and then scrub.

- Clean all light fixtures and replace lightbulbs with a higher wattage, these little things are easy to forget, but can make all the difference.

- Put non-essential items in boxes to eliminate clutter, so that viewers can see the whole space, it will also make the rooms look bigger.

Here are some tips on how how to clean the most common of flooring:

- Ceramic tiling: Don't use harsh abrasive cleaners that might scratch the tiles. Instead use a damp-mop on the ceramic tiles with an all-purpose cleaner. Then dry the floor with a soft cloth to avoid streaks.

- Vinyl floors: To wash this type of floor, use an all-purpose cleaning solution. Test any cleaner in a corner before using it on the entire floor.

- Wood floors: The most effective way of cleaning a wooden floor applying a liquid wood-floor cleaner with a dry wax applicator on a small area at a time. Let it soak for a few minutes, and wipe up the excess. When the floor is dry, buff with a floor polisher.

- Carpet Cleaning: The simplest way to keep your carpets clean is to vacuum regularly. But for an effective deep clean it is best to have your carpet steam cleaned.

A clean house will help viewers see themselves living there and will show that you take pride in maintaining the house.

Total Clean provide competitively priced office cleaning in London, also commercial cleaning and contract cleaning services in central London, London city and W1 by experienced, insured staff.

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Vehicle Tracking Systems expert.» Read more articles by Felipe Bazon

















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