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Home Decor for Manly Men: Attractive Room Decor Without Pastels

Home decor has popularly been the province of women.
However, there are plenty of men who want a unified theme to their home, but don't go in for pastels or knick-knacks. What's a manly man to do? Especially if he likes sports, guns and girls?

Don't be caught alone in the decorating section of your local bookstore; people will only mock you. Instead, dip into a manly magazine. Some of the best ideas can come from mags like Stuff, Maxim and Men's Health - look for articles & photos that feature the male in his ideal environment and see if you like any of the decorating schemes.


Wood, stone, tile or carpets in a dark or neutral shade are your best bets. When in doubt, choose the more testosterone-fueled floor covering. If you want easy-clean, consider wood or tile. Carpets should be stain-resistant and not require much in the way of care.


Paint in a neutral shade if you don't really want to think about this. Red, blue and green are all colors that can impart different kinds of male energy. Red is a powerful color, evoking energy and passion. Blue is calming, but solid. Green is akin to blue, but is associated more with nature and the outdoors. Camouflage, while definitely manly, is too busy to make it a recommended color for walls.

There are other wall options for the manly man. Many wallpapers out there that reflect hobbies, work and a certain masculine appeal. Paneling is another option. Of course, you can always plaster the walls with pictures of cars, 38-point bucks and scantily-clad women, which makes their color more of an academic argument.


The masculine mind will derive great comfort from drapes that complement the color of the walls. Wooden blinds are also good. If all else fails, get the plainest curtain that you can find, or a blanket that has some kind of manly message on it, like "Harley Davidson Motorcycles".


Luckily, these come in basic white and black most of the time. Black is more of a manly color, but since white is acceptable everywhere, your masculinity shouldn't be called into question. Every leisure room should have a refrigerator for refreshing beverages.


Wood, metal and leather are your choices. High quality leather is actually one of the best materials for keeping clean - wiping up the remnant of Sunday football games becomes less of a hassle. Comfort is of prime importance; who cares if your couch costs a lot if it totally relaxes you at the end of a hard working day? Think of what you want your furniture to do - do you have a lot of friends coming over and lots of beer drinking? Choose something that can accommodate this.

Think big. Big is manly and more comfortable for a large frame. Size is imperative when choosing a TV, computer and surround sound system. Fewer larger things in a room is better than more smaller things. Keep it simple!


There are many choices in art for manly men: trophy bucks, record-sized mounted fish, sports trophies and memorabilia. Consider model cars, planes or military vehicles. Rifles and fishing rods are other recommended items of decor. Weapons are great conversation pieces as well, especially if you have accurate replicas of ancient war tools.

Decorating need not be torture for the manly man. It only requires that you know what you like and apply it to your living space. After all, that's what it's there for!

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