Wooden Storage Shed Vs. Metal Storage Sheds

You made up your mind...finally! If any more stuff clutters the back yard you won't be able to see any of that expensive lawn you put in two years ago. The car barely fits into the garage for all the kids' sports stuff and the other paraphernalia that has no where else to go. Your twelve year old is just getting over stepping on the garden rake and leaving a four inch welt in the middle of his forehead. The lawn mower got left out in the rain for the umpteenth time because you forgot to put it under the back porch during the last rain storm. That's it! You are buying a storage shed! Now you are not sure whether to buy a metal storage shed or put up a wooden storage shed. Maybe I can help. 

Here are the pros and cons of metal versus wood:

Wooden Shed Pros - 1. Nice ambiance you can make it blend with the surroundings; 2. If pine or cedar wood is used they provide a pleasant smell 3. Very adaptable in that you can add windows and shelving and put up wall hanging if you wish; 4. Good ventilation: 5. Wood is a renewable resource.

Metal Shed Pros - 1. Metal sheds are easy to erect with nuts and bolts; 2. There is very little maintenance other than perhaps hosing it down occasionally; 3. With metal doors they are a little more secure; 4. Reasonably priced; 5.Completely resistant to fire and rot and bugs.

Wooden Shed Cons - 1. A certain amount of maintenance must be done such as treating the wood on a yearly basis; 2. In some areas termites could be a problem as well as other insects; 3. If not taken care of the wood can split or warp or rot over time; 4. There can be a mould and mildew build up if not properly aired. 

Metal Shed Cons - 1. Can be easily dented by the lawn mower or kids playing ball etcFree Articles, 2. Metal sheds can be quite noisy in the wind and the rain; 3. The metal does rust over time; 4. Condensation is often a problem; 5. Metal sheds are generally light weight and are susceptible to wind damage.

These are some of the pros and cons of metal versus wood and there are probably others but these seem to be the most important. If your backyard is used as part of your living space during certain seasons and you are conscious of the appearance of your yard than a wooded shed will supply a hominess that a metal shed just does not provide. A metal shed will suffice if you do not mind the noise during rain storms and keeping your fingers crossed when it is windy.

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New Storage Sheed

Build Your Wooden Storage Shed Or Use a Storage Shed Kit?


Building your first wooden storage shed can be a daunting undertaking. You have not done this type of project before but you know it is absolutely necessary. You have so much stuff stored in the basement, the attic and the garage that there is just no room left.

Well, if you are a complete novice then you might want to start by purchasing a storage shed kit. The entire shed is in a box and you just erect it. If you are slightly more adventurous and feel like you can follow a good shed plan you can start from scratch. There are some basic skills that are required but they can be learned as the project progresses.  Here are some basic tips in building your first shed.

The very first thing to consider is the size of the shed required. You want to build it large enough so that you still have storage room when you have cleared out all the stuff from the attic, garage, and basement. Also consider the size of your lot. Do you want to keep some of the backyard open so that you can still use it? There will be building codes to adhere to in your jurisdiction as well.  The height of the shed and proximity to your neighbor's lot line must also be taken into account. Find out where the hydro, water, and cable lines are that run under the surface of your property so that you do not build over them or dig into them.

Now that you know the size and location of the shed the next thing to do is find a storage shed plan that suits your need. It is better not to take on a project that is so detailed that a journeyman carpenter's ticket is needed. Keep it simple but be sure that the design will blend into the surroundings. Choose a plan that supplies a parts list that clearly lays out quantities and has cut sizes for all the elements (i.e. Ceiling raftersFree Articles, wall studs etc.). This will make the erection of the shed much simpler.

Next you will want to decide on the type of foundation the shed will sit on. There are two types of foundations to choose from. If you live in a fairly dry climate where the soil stays relatively dry year round a simple skid foundation will suffice. With this type of foundation the shed can actually be moved in the future. If you live where there is an abundance of rain and or snow than a cement slab foundation might be best. This one takes a little more work to put in and is also more permanent than the skid.

The shed walls will be next on the agenda. Do you want to insulate the walls? If so the easiest way is to have plywood walls on the inside and outside with a simple lattice in between. You can also use fiber-glass or rock wool fibre batting stuffed in between the wall studs. The batting is really inexpensive and really easy to apply.

Your next concern will be the shed doors. Double doors are great if you are going to be moving items like lawn mowers and wheel barrows in an out of the building. Should you be using the building as a workshop with tools and building materials being moved in and out double doors will also benefit this activity. Proper alignment of doors is critical to assure that they open and close properly so take a lot of care when measuring for them

Finally the roof design for the shed should be decided upon. A good durable roof that will withstand the weather and also be attractive is important. A flat roof in a climate where there is considerable snowfall in the winter may not be such a good idea.  A better choice would be a gable or gambrel (barn roof) that will shed the snow in winter and either one is ascetically pleasing. Roof trusses are needed for both roof types but they are quite easily built.

Happy building!

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Important Thing You Ought to Know before Make Storage Shed

Nice to meet you all friends. For today I wish to show you some information that you ought to know before you will create the storage shed. I find more story on internet about the shed and I think that this article is useful info for woodworking lover and newbie. There are other information in this topic some people think that producing the shed is so hard and complicate but if you try to learn in deep part you will know that generating shed is so easy and you can generate it by your own.

The storage shed is made for store something such as Barley, Rice, Tools and Equipment including all thing you crave to keep also. The type of shed have more type such as Wooden shed,  Concrete shed or other materials. Before you will make it you should to have zone for your shed and you should pick type of shed is appropriate with you. Your budget is another one reason you should think also. If you desire large shed but you don't have enough money I recommend you see inexpensive materials or build it by own (This will help you save your money.

Locale for Create the Shed
Assured you should to have position. You need to define section before you start make your shed. Dimension of locale is one feature you ought to consider including strength of area you select too. After you have great location you can diagram for your shed. You ought to think about wind flow direction and sunshine also. You may overlook this factor but this is important point.

Storage Shed Plans
For the next feature I advise you are the storage shed plans. You can go to home improvement store near your state, you can obtain storage shed plans from there. Before you will go to store you ought to sketch thing you crave. They will draft up your shed plans according to the specs you provide them with. Sometime they'll also offer you list of equipment that you crave.

Buy the Equipment
In this topic you should find excellent home improvement store just one, keep in mind that do not pay more money too much for the materials you ought to select essential and reasonable materials that is excellent enough for your shed. I recommend that you should prepare all material for you plans because after you start to create the storage shed you’ll find more problems. (Make you lose time).

For this topic is start point for you. You must adapt level your ground and provide to lay the foundation. You must decide whether you crave wood plank floor or concrete slab type. In fact you already have storage shed plans. The foundation of your shed is significant thing for the reason that this is one part receive weight all shed including all things you keep in the shed too.

Wall and Roof
This step is generating the shed wall and roof use your equipment aside that you are going to use for this. I highly advise that you ought to make the walls on the ground and then lift them into position according to your plans. In part of the roof you need to make your trusses. So create one and then use it as a template for the rest.

After you already make the storage shed you wish now it’s time you must trim some crucial structure. After you decorate is finished you must paint your storage shed also for the reason that color will help defend your wood face and color still help your shed is magnificent too. In part of color you can pick color you love such as Red wood colorFree Web Content, Yellow wood color or other.

I expect that you’ll get more knowledge in this article and can select shed plans is suitable with you. Don’t worry for plans you can find more shed plans on internet world. Thank you.

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