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Makita Goes the Distance With Their Power Tools

Makita is a maker of power tools that can be used for many type of applications that consist of any type of construction or home improvement project. The most common type of Makita tool is a cordless product, however, corded products such as saws, angle grinders, and sander are also popular. You can get many types of these tools online or at a local home improvement store. Another option for customers is to access the Makita website to use their store locator function.
Makita delivers power tools for industrial and home use. Their power tools are made to be both energy efficient and compact, although they will still produce expected power and results. Search their catalog for the different types of power tools that are available. You can identify a Makita tool is available for most type's work that is desired.
Cordless tools from Makita use a variety of types of batteries. One type of battery for use in many tools is a Lithium Ion battery, another type that is well liked is an 18-volt battery. Every tool made by this premier company is tested before it leaves the factory. A warranty is bundled from the manufacturer that covers any type of defects or poor materials. If any of these are discovered it will be repaired or replaced without any fee.
One common tool from Makita that is used by professionals and home owners is a power drill. A power drill comes in various models such as a one-half inch drive drill kit. The average weight of a drill is 3.5 pounds and is between 8 and 10 inches long. A drill kit includes one to two 18-volt batteries with a case for storage and transport. Some models also have a LED light that can be used to illuminate the area for driving a screw or drilling a hole.
A compound miter saw is an additional tool that is used by professionals and home owners. Their saws come in a 10-inch size that has various attributes. Miter saws use electronic speed control to maintain a speed that is constant for a maintained use. Their compound miter saws are adjustable 45 degrees to the left and 52 degrees to the right. The base is made from engineered aluminum. Some saws will have a laser used to specify where a cut will be made. A LED light may also be available to illuminate the platform. This tool can easily be transported to a job site or used on a bench in your shop.

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Hand tools can be easily judged for quality, long life and usefulness if you just learn a few simple rules. Here are some tips and tricks of the trade for making greatselections without breaking the bank. 
Look for 
add-ons and gadgets
The reason that all the great tools never change is they were already perfect. Improvements to grip, contact surface toughness and ergonomics can be very useful and add to the life of the tool. Big changes like changeable bits, reversible shafts, and ratchets contained in small handles are not true improvements. These kinds of changes only make the tool have weak points that are bound to fail in anything other than light and occasional use. 
For instance a hand screwdriver that has ¼ inch hex recess and magnet in the end of the shaft and 
multiplebits with a ratchet in the handle has inherent problems. The shaft is weakened because the hollow to accept the bit is very thin walled and has a tendency to warp and enlarge allowing the bits to wobble. This can also make alignment difficult. The ratchet in the handle doesn’t last because the parts are so small and inexpensively made even the torque an average person can apply with one hand is enough to cause failure. 
Look for tolerances in 
Hand tools with moving parts are especially subject to failure. Just because 
a tool has a nice chrome or matte finish does not mean it is a quality tool. Two-part hand tools such as hand pliers and water pump pliers can be judged by how smoothly they operate without being loose. If one handle can be twisted in comparison to the other than you can bet the tool is of low quality. Unfortunately tool manufacturers are all too familiar with the average consumer’s weaknesses. If the packaging is attractive enough and the appearance of the tool is expensive, they know they can skimp on the actual quality of the tool itself. 
Look for comparisons between two tools
Many times you can quickly tell the difference in the true quality of a tool by comparing it side by side with another brand. A ratchet wrench, for instance, should have very little turn in the driving shaft before it clicks into the next locking tooth. Turn two ratchets upside down and turn the drive observing how far it turns before it clicks. Pick another and perform the same test. If one is higher quality than the other, the difference will be obvious. Take some time to play with the tools in the store before you decide which one to buy.

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