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Brief Information On Water Heater

What is water heating?

The process by which energy is used to heat water way above the normal temperature is called thermodynamics. With this process the water heating takes place. Hot water is mostly used for domestic purposes such as taking bath, washing clothes, washing utensils, and also for cooking.

What are water heaters?

Water heaters are appliances that supplies hot water. The process which the appliances use to heat up water is called thermodynamics. Water heaters are denoted by different names depending on the energy source used to heat or the place they will be use and also the region. Some common terms used for water heaters are hot water tanks, water heaters, geysers, boilers, calorifiers or hot water heaters, etc.

Evolution of water heaters

Traditionally, for domestic purposes women used metal utensils or vessels for heating up water above normal temperatures. They usually placed the pots or utensils above fire produced by fire wood or stove to heat up the water. In the late 1800s Englishman named Maughan invented the first water heaters. Edwin Rudd, a Norwegian Mechanical Engineer made water heaters famous when he invented automatic storage water heaters, which is at present famous as conventional tank heaters. With modern technological inventions and advancements, there are a number of manufacturing companies that have come up with variety of water heaters.

How does water get heated up or how do these water heating appliances work?

Water heaters are usually cylindrical structures with pipes attached to them. These pipes get connected to the water outlets which provide us hot water. Although these cylindrical tank type water heaters are old but they are widely used by a number of people all over the United States of America. With new inventions and techniques, the designs of water heaters have been changed to suit the purpose of the customers.

A tube like structure called the dip tube is feed with cold or normal water from the pipelines at the base of the tank. In this place, the water starts to heat up. There is device called the thermostats that control the temperature. When the burner heats up the water using a heating mechanism, and reaches above the normal temperature and rises to the place at the top of the tank. The hot water outlet is connected to the top of the tank. With this technique we receive hot water for bathing, washing, cleaning, cooking, etc. 

Water heaters are designed is such a manner that it separates the cold and hot water inside the tank. The cold water is the incoming water to the tank and the hot water is the heating of the cold water of that tank. There are two pipes attached to the tank, one for the incoming of the water to the tank and the other is the outgoing of the water. There is a thermostat attached to the heating appliance that demonstrates the temperature of the tank and also controls it.

With the above stated process and techniqueBusiness Management Articles, the water heater works and provides hot water for various domestic and commercial purposes.

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